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Terms and Conditions

You must advise Salkantay Cusco Trek of any medical problems or allergies. You need to be in good physical health and if your health is questionable, then you should consult a doctor. If you are over the age of 70 years old, then you will need to present us with a current medical certificate.

You must advise your guide if you wish to leave the group or the camping area for independent walks or sightseeing. If you are experiencing any problems with the service of the guide or tour please advise the guide in that moment so he can resolve any problems.


To book any tour/trek through Salkantay Cusco Trek , we do require a $ 150.00 deposit per person. PayPal does charge us a fee of 8 %, This does add $ 12.00 to each deposit, so a total of $ 162.00  You can use the link  PAY NOW

All balances need to be paid in cash and in full at the briefing which will be held the night before your tour.

Once you have sent the deposit, please fill in our booking form with your details. Once we have both, we will confirm your tour. Thank you so much for choosing Salkantay Cusco Trek.

In order to receive a student discount, you must tell Salkantay Trek Cusco Peru at time of booking. You will then be required to bring your green ISIC card with you on the trek – they will not allow you to pass through the checkpoint without this card. No university cards will be accepted, it must be the green ISIC card. You can apply for this card online at www.isic.org.

You will be required to show your passport that you booked with at the checkpoint in Machupicchu. If you have booked with an old passport, you must still bring this expired passport along with your new valid passport to enter to Machupicchu.


Cancelation made by Clients :

you are strongly recommended to organise Travel Insurance.

  1. Cancelation of tour up to 2 months before departure incurs a loss of the US$ 200.00 non refundable deposit.
  2. Cancelation of tour within 2 months and 1 month of departure incurs a loss of 50% of total tour cost…
  3. Cancelation of tour within 1 month and 1 week of departure incurs a loss of 70% of total tour cost…
  4. Cancelation of tour within 1 week – 48 hours of departure incurs a loss of 90% of total tour cost…
  5. However we can organise an alternative tour to visit Machu Picchu joining your group and utilising your train tickets and entrance to Machu Picchu Citadel, completing the tour as normal from Aguas Calientes day 4.
  6. Cancelation of tour within 48 hours of departure incurs a loss of total tour cost…
  7. Change of dates is only possible if the group is still left with more than a minimum and the train tickets and Machu Picchu entrance have not been finalised. US$ 25.00 is charged.
  8. Change of dates when train tickets have been finalised incurs a further fee as Peru rail also charges for changes of dates. This administration charge of US$20.00 per ticket in this case is incurred. At times a change of date may only be possible in an upgrade to a higher standard carriage and so the difference in price would need to be paid additionally


If you become ill or injured on the trail and are unable to continue, a porter will be provided to accompany you back to an area with emergency assistance capabilities. Helicopter air lifts and medical assistance are paid at the expense of the passenger. If you fail to complete the tour due to illness we will assist you to meet with your group at Machupicchu to recommence your tour at that point. There will be no refund from the original payment, however we will prepare a document to certify illness which can be presented for your travel insurance.

Salkantay Cusco Trek will take all reasonable care in providing service to our clients to avoid accident, illness, loss of personal property and will only employ suitably qualified staff. We accept responsibility for the actions of our own employees. Salkantay Cusco Trek cannot however be responsible for any action or event that was unforeseeable or unavoidable. We also cannot be responsible for improper acts by clients or other third party. You are totally responsible for your own personal property and rented equipment.

Salkantay Cusco Trek does not take responsibility for unfavorable weather conditions, natural catastrophe, strikes, accidents, illness, injury, loss of personal items, etc. It is the clients responsibility to carry insurance to cover these types of events. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program due to any of the unforeseen conditions listed above.