"Happiness is a way of Travel, not a destination"

Our Meals

Our Meals

All meals & snacks are included for each trip from the first breakfast through the last lunch.

So how is the quality of the food provided by SALKANTAY TREK CUSCO PERU? Excellent! Our professionally trained chefs prepare the very best breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks all served with a smile! After completing each day’s trek you will enjoy happy hour before tucking into a delicious buffet dinner that will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations. Our Meals

All food is prepared from fresh ingredients purchased in the Cusco local market and transported by the porters, then prepared by the chef. No canned or rehydrated food here! All fresh, healthy and delicious!

Special dietary needs? No problem! We cater to vegetarians, vegans and all food allergies.

How about water? We take tap water from each campsite and boil it for 15 minutes so it is safe for you to drink. There is plenty of water provided during each trek and you need to carry enough water to get you to the first lunch stop. You can refill your bottle at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh, My god, You will be treated like royalty when you’re on the Trail!! ( but please just in case get your COCA LEAFS )

I don’t think any of you will lose any weight from doing one of our Adventure Treks since you will be fed SO WELL. You will be fed 5 times a day beginning with a big breakfast, then a snack, tremendous lunch, afternoon tea (locally called HAPPY HOUR by your guide), and finally dinner.

Below are some sample menus of meals

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, omeletes, porridge, cereal, fruit salad, toast, orange juice, milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate

Fruit, cookies, cereal, chocolate, candies

Corn soup, mushroom soup, chicken with rice, sausage, fried fish, ceviche, steak, beans, fried rice, french fries, boiled potatoes, vegetables, salad

Happy Hour:
Popcorn, fried wontons, tea, coffee

Steak and onions, vegetable tortillas, pizza, spaghetti, stuffed chicken, pork cutlet, sauteed vegetables, salad