"Happiness is a way of Travel, not a destination"

Meet The Team

Our staff is highly qualified to do this type of work, every Salkantay Cusco Trek worker is committed to carry out his work with a lot of commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and passion, because our company treats well and pays a good salary, as well as we hold events between Workers to be able to unite them to work together, so that is the way  how they can work in harmony and like a  team.


Thanks to the academic level that they received in universities and institutes, they are committed to making their work very professional, our guides are local people from the city of Cusco, able to demonstrate their culture full of mystery that come from our ancestors. Every Year in February they receive specialization courses and training in high mountain tourism, as well as first aid, and  always our guides  ready and prepared for any emergency that happens in the course of the walk.


We are so proud to have well-trained and knowledgeable chefs in the culinary arts, offering our customers a good fusion of food that we offer in our mountain trips, being experts in special diets required by our passengers (vegetarian, no gluten  , Not dairy) cooking and being very careful about hygiene, so feel safe to travel with us because if you ask by yourselves how will be the food in the trips that we offer for you, so do not have any doubts and decide to travel with Salkantay Cusco Trek because the best Of the Peruvian culinary art awaits for you walking in the mountains, that is what makes the difference with the rest of the companies.


Salkantay Cusco Trek employs local workers from different communities in  Cusco city. When you choose the classic Inca trail , our company has a group of porters waiting for you who live over  4000 masl (14,000ft) and who are the  porters. Thanks to you we can  give extra job for the porter and we help them with the economy of their families.

In the same way we have the horsemen and  when you choose the alternative treks to Machu Picchu, such as the salkantay trek, ausangate trek,lares valley trek, huchuy qosqo trek and  Choquequirao Peru trek, our company employs people from the area to solve their economy too.


All the buses, vans and cars used in our services are fully reliable and comply with

Peruvian safety and insurance regulations.

The transportation service assigned to each trip is adapted to the route and the group size. The vehicles used range from station wagons and 4WD, for short transfers and a maximum of 2 people in the group, to vans for middle-sized groups or buses for larger groups and longer routes.