"Happiness is a way of Travel, not a destination"

Commitment and Obligation as a Local Company

Salkantay Cusco Trek is a local company, offering adventure and traditional tours for all different kinds of tourists and with different ages too, our company has policies that have to be respected by our workers and clients during the development of the tours could be adventure trekking and traditional.

We use gas burners as a kitchen to prepare our food on the Treks

Regarding the water we use in the tours, we have water filters and after filtering our cook boils the water more than 15 minutes to prevent any type of stomach disease.

We love nature for this reason we disagree with the deforestation and cutting tres and bushes, as we are forbidden to make fires on our tours, this is to avoid an environmental contamination.

We are a company that is committed with nature, means that we are against with the hunting of animals and the destruction of flora.

Salkantay Cusco Trek, maintains a good relationship with the local people where our expeditions are carried out and therefore we make social assistance projects with these communities.

  • Working in projects with local people is very important for Us as well as the economy from Peru because working with them we improve new opportunities in labor and in life too
  • We employ local staff and pay them fair, legal wages.
  • We use locally-owned transportation and accommodation.
  • Construction of toilets for children 30 minutes from the city of Cusco
  • Improved stoves to have no problems with smoke is bad for your health Catacamara community two hours from Cusco city.
  • Teaching weaving Andean women, so that in the future improve their economy in their families.
  • one of our goals is to help a community, we choose a community and we analyze their needs and then we can focus on development for the community, training, teaching and supervising the community.

We wish to make your visit to Peru unforgettable, and you can learn about our culture that contribute to change yourself in the best way that is meaningful.

I invite you to come to Peru to have a good experience in your life and good reward for you.

It is my greatest desire.